Guidelines for dealing with transgressive behaviour

The Danish Producers' Association wants to help members create a safe and secure working environment for everyone. Below you find new guidelines for how to deal with and how to prevent transgressive behavior. The guidelines are targeted the games industry and therefore in English.

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"Intervene - get help - follow up" is a guide for dealing with transgressive behavior in the workplace, and the guide is based on three central pieces of advice: Intervene: Try to calmly interrupt the situation without escalating the conflict. Get help: If you can't intervene yourself; get help from someone who can. Follow up: Tell those involved how you experienced the situation.

The theory behind the guide is the so-called bystander effect - that we often find it difficult to take action when we witness transgressive behavior. In the action guide, there is good advice for drawing up a policy together and for dealing with specific cases and for carrying out an evaluation.

We hope that you can find inspiration and help in the guide. As a supplement to the guide, the material consists of a "hand-out", which is a simple form to fill in with relevant contact persons - a simple and low-practical way of ensuring that all employees know where to turn if they see or experience transgressive behaviour. 
The material is in English and can be downloaded here. 


Opdateret 21. jun 2023