Games for kids in Scandinavia

A market analysis of challenges and opportunities / September 2021

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This report will attempt to give an holistic overview of the Scandinavian gaming market for kids - a market that’s currently estimated to have grossed more than USD 14.6 million in 20212 . How many developers are working in this space, how big is the market potential now and going forward, what type of content are parents looking for? All these questions are worth answering to propose solutions for how to improve the conditions for Scandinavian developers. To do this, we have used a combination of quantitative research across the main distribution channels and combined it with a series of qualitative interviews with specific game developers to understand their experiences making games for kids. We have focused our analysis on the commercial circumstances, as well as included a technical analysis of the distribution requirements. The overall goal of the report is to give a broad analysis and then provide a brief, but immediate list of actionable next steps at the end of the report.

Jeppe Kønig - Jay Bird Consulting
Leif Kvalvik - Gamerce
Per Rosendal - Kongo Interactive
Graphic Design:
Nadja Urrutia V. - Biosnap-Art

With Support from:
Det Danske Filminstitut
Norsk filminstitutt

Market Insights and data from:
App Annie


Opdateret 29. sep 2021

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