Danish Producers Association is an association of Danish film and TV producers and game developers. Our members produce short film and documentaries, feature films, TV programmes, film and TV commercials, educational films, multimedia productions, computergames and corporate profile videos.


As both a trade association and an employers' association, Danish Producers Association has a two-fold purpose. In the role of trade association, Danish Producers Association seeks to gain political influence and promote members' interests relative to the copyright organisations, public institutions and TV stations that play a part in determining production conditions for film and TV producers. As an employers' association, the Danish Producers' Association negotiates agreements with the various employee groups in the industry.
As one of the only producers’ associations in Europe, the Danish Producers’ Association organises all sections in one association – feature film, tv, documentaries, computer games, commercials. This gives us a better outlook and gives the association the possibility to have a large secretariat to assist the members.
The Danish Producers' Association is also a member of international sister organisations in the TV, feature film, computergames, and film/TV commercial production industries. This connection gives the association valuable insight into European market conditions in particular and thus the opportunity to exercise political influence at EU level.

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Email: info@pro-f.dk
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Copenhagen TvFestival is a two days event, organised by the Danish Producers' Association. About 40 % of the programme is in English


Producentforeningens One Stop Shop har solgt en lang række dokumentarfilm til de abonnementsbaserede tjenester Netflix og YouBio, og der er også mulighed for at få filmene på fx YouSees vod-platform enkeltvis. 


Her i årets sidste måned kan vi se tilbage på et turbulent år i Bruxelles med mange nye tiltag inden for den ophavsretlige sfære.


KODA gør det lettere at købe dansk katalogmusik. Fra januar 2013 kan man købe alle nødvendige musikrettigheder ét sted. 


DJ anbefaler medlemmerne at få en ny rettighedsbestemmelse ind i aftaler med producenter. Producentforeningen har taget kontakt til DJ.