Creative Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Planning In the Film and Entertainment Industry

Filmskolens Efteruddannelse afholder et tre-dages kursus med Angus Finney 7. - 9. december 2017

This workshop examines the challenge of CREATIVTY, managing creative talent and developing and capturing best value from ideas and material. Case studies will include Pixar, The King’s Speech and developing stories with Terry Gilliam and Neil LaBute. The programme then examines how to thrive as an entrepreneur in the disrupted, digital market, and helps filmmakers with BUSINESS models and business planning in detail.

NOTE : No project is required to enroll on this programme. Support and mentoring, however, for business planning is potentially available beyond the programme.

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Søg om at komme med på kurset senest den 6. november 2017. Prisen for kurset er 1495,- kr.