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Danish Producers' Association

- for film and tv-producers and game developers. Danish Producers Association is an association of Danish film and TV producers and game developers. Our members produce short film and documentaries, feature films, TV programmes, film and TV commercials, educational films, multimedia productions, computergames and corporate profile videos.

As both a trade association and an employers' association, Danish Producers Association has a two-fold purpose. In the role of trade association, Danish Producers Association seeks to gain political influence and promote members' interests relative to the copyright organisations, public institutions and TV stations that play a part in determining production conditions for film and TV producers. As an employers' association, the Danish Producers' Association negotiates agreements with the various employee groups in the industry.

Political influence

Working to improve production conditions and expand the market is a major part of the association's activities.


The Danish Producers' Association is active in winning agreements in all production areas where its members operate and has been largely successful. DPA has agreements with The Danish Actors' Association, The Danish Film- and TV-Workers' Union, The Danish Dramatic Guild, The Danish Union of Journalists and The Danish Composers' Society.

Benefits for members

Advisory service

The secretariat advises members on contracts and other specific issues, especially on the legal aspects of agreements, contracts, and copyright.

The Danish Producers' Assocaition publishes a members' newsletter 10 times a year. The newsletter and current news items from the association can also be viewed here the website.
Members' meetings

The association holds meetings on relevant issues for all members and for specific member groups, for example, advertising or feature film producers. The meetings are a way of informing members about new legislation and discussing current problems in the industry. The association has also held several successful 'on-the-way-home' meetings where external speakers were invited to present the latest trends or lead a debate on relevant topics.

The association has negotiated an attractive insurance package for members consisting of production insurance, equipment and property insurance, negative and video tape insurance, and a standard company insurance policy. The insurance package is offered to members only. 
International co-operation

The Danish Producers' Association is also a member of international sister organisations in the TV, feature film, computergames, and film/TV commercial production industries. This connection gives the association valuable insight into European market conditions in particular and thus the opportunity to exercise political influence at EU level.
CAB and Filmkopi

Last, the association is a member of the board of CAB and Filmkopi, which administer producers' remuneration for cable retransmission and blank tape copyright.
How to apply for membership

To be accepted for membership of The Danish Producers' Association, applicants must be active, independent enterprises engaged in professional production within the scope of the association. Applicants are also required to supply written testimonials from two association members. Application forms are available from the secretariat.
Membership subscription is set each year at the general meeting. The current subscription rate is DKK 8000 a year plus VAT, to be paid quarterly by all members. An additional registration fee of DKK 4,000 plus VAT is also charged. Members who receive copyright payments collected by Copy-Dan, The Joint Collecting Society for Copyrights in Denmark, pay a copyright subscription amounting to a certain percentage of the payments made. This percentage is currently 15% with a ceiling of DKK 50,000 per year.